Episode 06 – Cambridge Analytica and Data Farming

For the first time ever Kenny is joined by a guest in the sixth episode of the Leon Den. Join Kenny and David Young as they discuss Cambridge Analytica and what it means for how people should take responsibility over the information and data they share.


Where to find David young


Everything you need to know about Cambridge Analytica


Cambridge Analytica Legal Analysis

OA158: Cambridge Analytica

Top Golf


Before he became rightfully disgraced

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Episode 05 – Podcasts Linked to Weight Loss

When combined with a low GL diet, listening to episode 5 of the Leon Den, a new study has shown that listeners lowered their body fat. By listening to Kenny talk about a new adventure, the YouTube shooting, and pasta; maybe you too will lower yours.


Pasta Study


Newsweek article about study


Popsci article


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Episode 04 – Hold your Fire

In the fourth episode of the Leon Den Kenny discusses the recent shooting at YouTube HQ, and what we’re getting wrong in the discussions about guns and violence in our world.
Correction: This episode was recorded  on the evening on April 3, 2018, so some information will not be current with up to date info that became available the following day about the YouTube incident.


London and NY CITY Murder comparisons



Most to update information on youtube shooting


Open Calls for Podcast Guest and Content Creators

The first blog post is going to be short and sweet today with two favors to ask of anyone visiting this site that wants to help develop and grow the site beyond what I can do on my own.

1) If you think you or anyone you know would make for a great podcast guest and would be good to have a conversation, reach out to me on the contact page of this website or with the form below and give me details. Since we are still in the infant stages of this podcast my reach is small for finding people to come on, but I don’t want the focus of the podcast to become too singled in on having me rattle on about things by myself for too long. So I need your help to do this! I know this is a lot to ask of the internet, but please no nonsense requests. Try to stick to at least 2 of the 3 following criteria before submitting a possibility.

  1. Be relatively well spoken and able to have genuine opinions about things.
  2. Be experienced in some school of thought, or field that you provide insightful and interesting angles from.
  3.  Be going through something or experiencing abnormal events that I can be discussed. I.e. Oklahoma teachers walking out, involved in some cause or charity, etc.

2) If you or anyone you know is a writer that is looking for a spot to host their pieces to expand their reach, have them or you yourself get in touch with the site. I want to ultimately be able to use this site as a platform to host a wide variety of creators across genres. If you write about politics, sports, fiction, poetry, or whatever else get in touch with me again through the contact page on this site. Things I will be expecting from content creators will include: unique writing, solid grasp of grammar so I can trust I don’t have to edit your material, be prepared to submit at least one piece a week, and don’t be a dick. In return the best content creators will be rewarded by being a feature member of the site, and will be included in monetary benefits as the site’s monetization grows or doesn’t.

If you or anyone you know fits the bill for what I’m asking you can fill out the form below, and I will get in touch with genuine suggests.


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Episode 03 – Easter and Teachers

In the third episode of The Leon Den, Kenny talks about the peculiarities of Easter, pay for teachers, and financial wellness.

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Dave Ramsey Resources for Financial Wellness




Teacher Salary

Teacher Salaries in America

Bonus Ichabod Crane Video because this is where my mind went with one room schoolhouses

Episode 02 – The Garbage Pile is too Damn High

In the second episode of the Leon Den, Kenny talks about the Pacific garbage patch, Sweden’s solution to waste, and people that don’t clean up after themselves.

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USA Today article on the garbage patch


Ocean Cleanup Foundation


The Swedish Solution

The Swedish recycling revolution

Storm Drain Info


Toxic Dog Waste

Toxic Dog Waste

 Greased Lightning in the Drains


Episode 01 – Welcome to the Leon Den


In the first episode of The Leon Den, Kenny talks about his goals and mission for the podcast and website, about the failings of current discourse, and what’s wrong with doomsdayers.







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